3592 Tape Cartridge


Proprietary NANOCUBIC technology assures high capacity and solid reliability for enterprise-class data storage systems.

Proprietary Nanocubic technology assures high capacity and rock-solid reliability

In today's information age, enterprise-class data storage systems require the use of storage media that offer both high capacity and high reliability. Fujifilm's Enterprise Tape Cartridge 3592 for IBM 3592 TotalStorage® Enterprise Tape Drive Systems offer outstanding reliability, and as the first product to feature our proprietary Nanocubic thin-coating technology for magnetic media, they offer a native capacity of up to 300GB (900GB with 3:1 data compression) and a native data transfer speed of 40MB per second (110MB per second with 3:1 data compression).

[photo] 3 High capacity storage media cartridges in black with a gray background
[photo] 2 High Capacity storage media cartridges with a light gray background
[chart] Structural comparison between MV (single layer MP, ATOMM AND nanocubic technology) of Magnetic Media

Structural Comparison of Magnetic Media

Up to 300GB (native) and 900GB (3:1 Data compressed) High-capacity Data Storage

Fujifilm's proprietary ultra-thin magnetic layer nano-coating technology and newly developed needle-shaped metal nano-particle technology ensure outstanding data storage capacity. With 512-track recording and a tape width of 12.65mm, Fujifilm's Enterprise Tape Cartridge 3592 for IBM 3592 TotalStorage® Enterprise Tape Drive Systems have a native capacity of 300GB (900GB with 3:1 compression).

Consistently High Output

Fujifilm tape has an exceptionally smooth surface that assures improved head contact and minimal spacing loss. As a result, output is consistently high.

High-precision Servo System

Servo signals encoded directly on the tape ensure high-precision head tracking with timing-based servo systems. Fujifilm quality control assures outstanding signal quality and precision.

Ruggedly Constructed Cartridge Shells

For maximum durability, cartridge shells are constructed of heavy-gauge resin, and internal components are specially designed to withstand heavy use. Five high tensile-strength screws are also used to secure the cartridge shell halves together.

[photo] Close up of the Sliding Door Mechanism (open and closed) on the Cartridge shells

left: Sliding Door Closed, right:Sliding Door Open

High-reliability Sliding Door Mechanism

Dust protection and durability are enhanced by a highly reliable curved sliding door and leader pin system.

Built-in Memory Modules

All cartridges are equipped with multifunction non-contact flash memory modules.

A Full Line-up to Meet Various Needs

  • 300GB Cartridge for high capacity storage

  • 60GB Cartridge for high speed access to specific data

  • WORM ( Write Once Read Many ) type (300GB/60GB) Cartridge for data protection against falsification and deletion

  • Cleaning Cartridge

Library Pack

We prepare Library Pack for all 3592 products.
The Library Pack protects the cartridges against impact if dropped and provides also added protection against dust and humidity. It's a good and safe storage and archival solution offering easy and quick unpacking, carrying and piling.

Technical Data

Cartridge Type

Enterprise Tape Cartridge 3592

Operating Environmental Conditions


16 to 32 °C


20 to 80 % (No dew condensation)

Max. Wet Bulb Temperature


Archival Environmental Conditions


16 to 25°C


20 to 80 % (No dew condensation)

Max. Wet Bulb Temperature


  • * Bulk erasers should not be used with 3592 tape. The tape is encoded at the factory with servo system timing signals that will be lost if bulk erasers are used.Specifications are subject to change without notice. TotalStorage is a registered trademark of IBM Corp. in the United States and other countries.







300 GB / 900 GB

125.0 x 109.0 x 24.5 mm

240 g (0.53 lbs.)

60 GB / 180 GB

180 g (0.40 lbs.)

WORM 300 GB / 900 GB

240 g (0.53 lbs.)

WORM 60 GB / 180 GB

180 g (0.40 lbs.)


190 g (0.42 lbs.)