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[photo] Fujifilm Z Projector FP-Z8000

Projector FP-Z8000/FP-Z6000


The Z-projector FP-Z8000 and FP-Z6000 is adaptable to a wide range of installation. Use it gallery and showroom, amusement facility, or events.

Operation manual (HTML)

You can see the operation manual.

[video] Operation Manual for FP-Z8000 projector

Operation manual (PDF)

You can download the operation manual.

Basic manual (PDF)

You can download the basic manual.

[PDF] Operation Manual for FP-Z8000 projector


Warping and Blending Tool and the USB drive Ver1.16

ZIP: 10.5MB


ZIP: 280KB

When this software is used with FP-Z8000, the firmware version of FP-Z8000 should be 1.06 or later.

  • * FP-Z5000 is not supported.
  • * FP-Z6000 is supported by all firmware versions.