Next-generation Kiosk solution

Wonder Print Station


Bring your daily memory into variety of prints. A wide variety of attractive photo products at the Wonder Print Station.

A wide variety of attractive photo products at the Wonder Print Station

For easier and more enjoyable print orders

Multi touch interface like smartphone

Adopting a multitouch GUI operated by touching and swiping with a fingertip just like smartphone, the “Wonder Print Station” enables an intuitive operation supported by simple and easy-to understand screen design.

Stamps and graffiti features offer more printing fun

The “Wonder Print Station”enables you to easily edit photos, including graffiti and stamp-pasting functions available for more fun to print.

Easy connection with smartphones

Connection with smartphones can be established either by cable*1 or Wi-Fi. enable an easier connection with smartphone via Wi-Fi*2.

Comfortable operation with high speed image loading

It takes only 5 sec.*3 to load images from the memory card and display them on the screen. “Wonder Print Station” has a realized smooth and comfortable order operation.

  • *1 Available only for iPhone
  • *2 Installation of dedicated application software into smartphone is necessary to connect via Wi-Fi
  • *3 When reading 1,000 pieces of Exif JPEG images.

Expand your business with a variety of functions

Customizable menu and GUI design

The customizable menu expands your marketing capability. It features seasonal products, promotion of new products and a selectable GUI design to fit your store branding.

Easier payment process with Shopping Cart feature

The Shopping Cart feature enables customers to pay for multiple products with one payment, facilitating the larger shopping baskets.

Automatic recommendation to support additional sales

Before the customer checks out from the Shopping Cart, recommended sample products are displayed using the customer’s own photos.

High quality photo printing and easier image selection by FUJIFILM Proprietary Technologies

Image Intelligence™

Incorporated Image Intelligence™ automatically compensates for problematic conditions, such as poor lighting, backlighting, high contrast, under- exposure or overexposure. Image Intelligence™ also makes skin tones more natural and facial expressions more distinct. Processing time is reduced because photo image correction is automatic at the same time ensuring attractive, customer-pleasing prints.

Image Organizer

​“Image Organizer” enables convenient use of digital images for attractive contents / products easier and more efficiently. “Image Organizer” has features as “Smart Select” to simplify complicated operation to select images, “Smart Layout” to make layout processes automatically.