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High Power LED Light Sources

Luminous intensity, color rendering index (CRI), lamp life, noise generation, and temperature development are all important considerations when purchasing endoscopic light sources.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

FlexiLux 200 LED

FUJIFILM High Power 200 LED Light Source is designed to put the light control in your hand. 

The intensity of the light can be adjusted from 5-100% and is easily controlled using the buttons on the camera head griping handle, while the large LCD dim level display is designed to provide high visibility of the dim level. The LED technology not only eliminates the need for bulbs, it lowers power consumption, temperature and fan noise. 

Product Features

Outstanding performance
  • Light intensity dimmable 5-100%
  • Large LCD display shows dim level - easy to read from a distance
  • Standby modus of the LED (5%)
  • Brightness can be directly adjusted from camera head griping handle
Operational efficiency
  • Long lifetime (> 20.000 h)
  • Low total power consumption (50% less than a 180 W xenon light source)
  • High luminance with low temperature development
  • User friendly: integrated FUJIFILM MIS-Bus interface offers direct connectivity to camera
  • Brightness can be directly adjusted from camera head griping handle
  • Multi light guide adapter for other manufacturer
  • Low fan noise because of low temperature development

FlexiLux 300 LED

The FUJIFILM HIGH POWER 300 LED Light Source features a patented automatic light control, permitting reliable and efficient use in combination with the FUJIFILM NATIVE FULL HD Video Controller.

Product Features

  • Outstanding light quality with CRI > 90 for best color rendering
  • Light output comparable to "300 W Xenon"
  • Lifespan of the illuminant > 30.000 h
  • Low power consumption
  • Fully automatic light control by FUJIFILM NATIVE FULL HD Video Controller through MIS-Bus interface
  • Very silent device only producing 25 db (typical) of noise, virtually inaudible
  • Multi light guide adapter compatible to Storz, Wolf and Olympus light guides