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[photo] DRI-CHEM NX10N



A blood ammonia test analyzer that can examine a whole blood sample and deliver the test results within two minutes.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Easy-to-operate NH3 analyzer for whole blood tests in cases of emergency

Only about 2 minutes required to acquire test results

NX10N offers quick processing to accommodate urgent blood ammonia tests. With easy operation, it is possible to obtain the result in only about 2 minutes after starting the test.

Whole blood tests suited to immediate analysis

NX10N is an analyzer that enables immediate tests using the whole blood just collected, requiring only 10 µL of the sample. This analyzer provides accurate results in measurement of the blood ammonia concentration that elevates over time.

[photo] DRI-CHEM NX10N

Simple 5-step procedure for higher efficiency

[photo] Simple 5 steps procedure instructional with accompanying image tutorial: 1. Swipe the QC Card 2. Set the Slide 3. Spot in the sample 4. Press the START button 5. The Result Data is displayed

Wide measurement range

Accurate measurement all over the determination range (7-357 μmol/L) is guaranteed with QC card system.

Data export

The data obtained can be output to the external system from the USB port. It is also possible to input the patient information by using the barcode reader.

  • * For system specifications needed for communications with other devices, please contact your local distributor.

Preventive measure against biohazards

[photo] Close up view of the preventative measure against biohazards on the DRI-CHEM NX10N

The body is fitted with a disposal box for infection prevention. Users can dispose of used slides without touching them.