Introducing FUJIFILM’s expansive, varied technologies to enable expansion into a wide range of business fields.

Fundamental Technologies

A general term for technical fields that form the base of our business.
These indicate the technical capabilities to address customers’ requirements.

Orientation control at the molecule level

Achieving goals through control over the presence of molecules, as well as designing and synthesizing molecular structures.

Example of Molecular Design for Dyes with Strong Color Replicability

Photopolymer Technology

  • A thread that connects opposite concepts like the ability to combine reality with statistics and the ability to predict risks during product use, with performance improvements and robust systems

  • We reliably visualize and present data customers wish to see with high performance, precision, and functionality, for a diverse range of environments and phenomena that impact the market

3D Imaging and Analysis System Volume Analyzer

Capable of precisely and accurately isolating sectors regardless of individual differences or widely-varied lesions or image qualities. Also compatible with unknown ailments, such as severed blood vessels.

A Service That Creates Albums From Numerous Images With Ease
Year Album

A service that automatically analyzes and selects good images from countless entries in storage, and automatically places them in an optimized layout. It also features a thorough assortment of features that leverage AI technology, for selecting ideal images to represent album themes.

Laser Light Source Next-Generation Endoscopy System

Isolates and emphasizes surface blood vessels, without impact from the fluctuating dispersion from laser light sources or internal tissue environments.Also clearly depicts subtle distinctions in surface blood vessels and other tissue.

Low/Passless Structured Optical Imaging Sensor

A system configured properly for eliminating digital blur caused by regular sensor placement, regardless of the imaging environment or target. This allows us to achieve artifact-free, high-detail imaging.

  • We handle light on everything from the macro to nano scale, for a wide variety of substances (lenses to living beings)

  • Creating new optical properties in the nano sector

  • Revealing sensitivity as a physical phenomenon, and designing light

Nano Field

Macro Field

  • Clearly show mechanisms using analytical technology

  • Three technical strengths that support analytical technologies

    1.  Theoretical calculation: Material in theoretical calculation/Medicine/Device design technologies
    2.  Analytical chemistry: Ultra-high sensitivity analytical technology that directly detects each atom and molecule
    3.  Physical chemistry: Material/Medicine/Device functional portion visualization technologies

Clearly shows mechanisms using analytical technology

Orientation Structural Analysis of Crystalline Molecules in WV Film

Analyze complex orientation structures with constantly changing tilt angles (average molecular angle) and degree of orientation (tilt angle distribution)

Analysis of the Antioxidant Performance of the Cosmetic Material Astaxanthin

In selecting astaxanthin, measure the degree of antioxidant performance compared to other materials

Surfactant Chemistry Calculations

Reproducing the results of reactive matter additives in electrolytic solutions using our “Kyo” computer for large-scale, first-order molecular dynamics calculations

Dispersal State Analysis in High Concentrations of Dispersed Matter

Accurately assess and analyzes high concentrations of flocculations that control performance and dispersal status (um-mm) without dilution