Data Storage Media

From data backup to digital media publishing, there is a Fujifilm product that precisely fits the application.

The amount of data in the world is exponentially increasing due to the introduction of high-definition 4K / 8K video, advancement in IoT / ICT, and the proliferation of Big Data analysis.

As the world's top*1 manufacturer of magnetic tapes for data storage, Fujifilm continues to develop top quality and high performance tape media.

Our clients include enterprises,universities,research institutions  and government departments which span across a variety of different industries. We dedicate ourselves to solving our customer's problems  and never stop improving the customer's experience.

Fujifilm tape storage is here to protect your trove of information and realize the full potential of your data.

In December 2020, FUJIFILM Corporation announced that the company has achieved the world’s record 317 Gbpsi recording density with magnetic tapes using a new magnetic particle called Strontium Ferrite. The record was achieved in tape running test, conducted jointly with IBM Research. This represents the development of epoch-making technology that can produce data cartridges with the capacity of 580TB.

"Why tape storage is gaining worldwide attention?"

IBM research Europe Mark Lantz

"What is a Strontium Ferrite that enables 580 TB/ cartridge?"

Recording Media Research Laboratories
General Manager Hiroaki Doshita
Recording Media Research Laboratories
Recording Media Product Division
Manager Shinji Tsujimoto

Expert's Voice

"Why Microsoft Azure is Choosing Tape"

Marvin McNett, Principal Developer Manager from Microsoft explains why tape is used today in the Microsoft data center.

"CERN tape storage case study"

Alberto Pace of CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) talks about tape storage use cases.

"The Rise of the Tape Market"

ESG's tape expert, Christophe Bertrand, explains the reasons behind the rise of the tape market and how tape protects your data from ransomware attacks.

Green Digital and LTO Tape

Tape storage contributes to the realization of a green society because it can drive a reduction in carbon emissions of as much as 95%, compared to use of other traditional technologies in data storage.

LTO Tape

LTO Tape made with Barium Ferrite is here to help you to future proof your data by providing the lowest TCO, air gap security and sustainable scalability.

  • *1 Manufacturer share, according to Fujifilm