CEO/COO Message

Shigetaka Komori : Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (left)
Kenji Sukeno : President and Chief Operating Officer (right)

Responding to far-reaching changes in our legacy business environment, notably the rise of digital photography and corresponding decline in use of photographic film, FUJIFILM has taken significant steps to transform our business structure and focus our investments to put the company in a much stronger competitive position. Today, our renewed focus also takes on the challenge of providing solutions to a wide variety of social issues in the fields of Healthcare, Materials, and Photo Imaging.

In the attractive growth segment of Healthcare we have dedicated tremendous effort and resources to provide Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment solutions to help end the COVID-19 pandemic as quickly as possible. For example, Fujifilm supplies a gene-detecting reagent that enables even faster PCR testing, and offers point-of-care ultrasound systems and mobile X-ray diagnostic equipment that enable rapid diagnosis and treatment. We also support our industry partners in manufacturing COVID-19 vaccine candidates, and advancing the development and manufacturing of Avigan Tablets as a therapeutic drug candidate.

Furthermore, on April 1, 2021, we welcomed the diagnostic imaging-related business of Hitachi, Ltd. and established a new company, FUJIFILM Healthcare. A wide-ranging lineup of diagnostic equipment, including CT and MRI equipment, is now connected with FUJIFILM’s medical imaging information systems, allowing us to support clinicians in making more accurate diagnoses by applying cutting-edge image processing and AI technologies.

In the Materials business, we support innovation in our increasingly digital society by developing and manufacturing the essential process materials used in the production of semiconductors and highly functional films for computer and smartphone displays.

We have also developed long-life, high-capacity tape technologies that help companies manage the enormous volume of digital data that continues to increase worldwide. The low energy consumption of tape, as compared to disk drives, has enabled a significant reduction in CO2 emissions from data centers. This is but one example of Fujifilm’s contributions to reducing environmental impacts in order to realize a more sustainable society.

With the spread of COVID-19, there have been fewer opportunities for social interactions, resulting in an even greater need for enriching the relationships among individuals, families and communities. In the Photo Imaging field, our products preserve and share life memories, from instant photo systems that allow you to print and enjoy photos on-the-spot to high-end mirrorless cameras and print services. We will continue to promote the value of photographs in building life-enriching bonds between people..

For over a year, humanity has been facing an unforeseen pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus. And beyond the pandemic, our world continues to face numerous difficult social and environmental issues, including the challenge of a changing climate. FUJIFILM is committed to working together with our group companies as an “All-Fujifilm Entity,” and we will NEVER STOP taking on challenges to build a safer, stronger, more connected and more resilient future.

Shigetaka Komori
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Kenji Sukeno
President and Chief Operating Officer