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Daily deadlines, waste control and press efficiency. Only a portion of the demands of Newspaper printing and all achievable using the broad range of Fujifilm OEM fount and wash products.  

Fujifilm's Q7 technology for Coldset applications allows printing to take place at a neutral pH instead of under the standard acidic conditions, bringing a number of advantages, including a reduction in paper build-up on blankets and rollers, improved ink drying, lower water settings for reduced fan-out and lower ink consumption.


Suited for NBR

Product Dosage (%) Properties
ACEDIN WEB 2900 Q7 2 - 3 pH neutral additive for reduced paper build up
ACEDIN WEB 2007 2 - 3 Low damp settings, suited for printing half web
NEWSFOUNT PLUS 1388 2 - 3 Suitable for spray and turbo dampening systems
DAILY FOUNT CS 2112 2 - 3 Strong buffered capacity suited for hard water
NEWSFOUNT S 2 - 3 Strong buffered fount
UNI-FOUNT 2 - 3 Suited for all water qualities



Suited for NBR (Water Miscible)

Product Flashpoint (°C) VOC Filtration Properties
ROTOWASH 40 45 - - Fast drying
ROTOWASH 60 64 - - Manual and automatic cleaning
ROTOWASH 80 80 - - Manual and automatic cleaning
AUSWASCHEN 207 57 - - Suited for automatic and manual wash



Plate Care

Products Properties
ALU NET Plate cleaner - mild
PLATE CLEANER CTP Plate cleaner - strong
RENAL PLATE CLEAN Plate cleaner - strong
GUMMIN Universal gum - natural

Fount Auxiliaries

Products Properties
TURBO FLUSH Cleaning concentrate for the dampening water circuit
ECODRY Cobalt-free drying stimulator, to be mixed with the fount
CONDISAL HP Rehardener for RO water
ROLLERMATT Degreasing cleaner for the dampening rollers

Cleaning Auxiliaries

Products Properties
REVIVAL GEL Glaze remover for rollers and blankets
XTRAMAXX Ink Cleaner Ink roller cleaning paste

Speciality Chemicals

Products Properties
ROLLER PASTE Protection paste for rollers when running idle
WATER LEVELLER 2005 Protective additive for water used in automatic cleaning devices
ROLLER PASTE UV Ink roller cleaning paste for UV inks