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Antibacterial Sprays and Wipes


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A1. Some odors occur due to growth of microbes. Sweat or pet urine is not itself smelly, but creates odors when microbes break down the proteins in it to reproduce. Using the Hydro Ag+ spray will control microbial growth.

A2. Hydro Ag+ is effective for disinfection of microbes, and thus works for preventing infection and protecting against odors. First clean up any vomit, then apply Hydro Ag+ spray directly to the affected surface and spread it around lightly with an item such as a paper towel.

  • * Norovirus cannot be disinfected with Hydro Ag+, so please wipe the area with a chlorine-based disinfectant to sterilize if possible.

A3. After laundry, we recommend spraying Hydro Ag⁺ before drying. By doing so, it will have a preventive effect on smells caused by half-dryness and sweat. For prevention of smells caused by sweat, it is expected to have a higher effect when sprayed after the clothes have dried.

A4. It has a preventive effect on growth of mold. By coating the surface using Hydro Ag⁺ after removing the mold sufficiently, it makes it harder for mold to grow back.

  • * Mold that is already there cannot be removed.

A5. After the alcohol dries, the silver coating ingredients may become visible as a white color, in which case we would recommend wiping down the area to spread the product. On tables or flooring, gently spreading the product with a non-woven cloth or similar allows you to coat a greater area evenly.

A6. You cannot use the product on leather goods, lenses, or acrylic sheets*1. Discoloration or alteration may occur depending on the material, so please test on a non-visible area of the object before use.

  • *1  Acrylic sheets may be used to protect television LCD displays and the like.

A7. A single shot of spray, if spread quickly with a non-woven cloth or similar, can be used to wipe down an area of about 0.5 square meters. (Coverage varies depending on the material to which spray is applied.)

A8. The 480 mL Spray puts out 0.3 cc per push (for approx. 1600 shots), and the 200 mL Spray puts out 0.3 cc per push (for approx. 600 shots). Select the version which best meets your needs.

 A9. You can use the product with other containers as well.

A10. Avoid fire, sparks, high temperatures, and direct sunlight, and please store the product out of the reach of young children. When using the cloth version, please close the lid securely after use to prevent the product from drying out, and use up the product as soon as possible after breaking the seal.

A11. Do not use the product near fire. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water. If symptoms are severe, please seek medical attention. Persons with alcohol hypersensitivity or sensitive skin may experience dry or rough skin when using this product. Please wear gloves, mask, and safety glasses if necessary. Avoid inhaling vapor or mist. Discoloration or alteration may occur depending on the material; test on a non-visible area of the object before use. Do not use on items such as lenses; coating may be removed. We have confirmed the product's safety for the human body; however, we do not recommend using the product on food, tableware, toys or other items which will be placed in the mouth. Use only for intended purposes.

A12. Please contact us here.

A13. This product has not been registered as a designated quasi-drug for hand sanitation. However, it has been verified to pose no safety concerns when used on hands and fingers. We ask that our customers make the final decision to use the product at their own discretion.

A14. You can use it on masks, but please ensure that the alcohol has evaporated before putting the mask on.