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[image] Advanced Materials

Business Fields|Materials

Advanced Materials

Fujifilm uses precision coating, functional molecule, and membrane formation technologies developed in the photographic film field in order to provide functional films, display and touchscreen panel materials, semiconductors, and imaging sensor materials for all industries. We anticipate new needs that arise with changes to technologies and society, and seek out innovative value that structurally transforms lifestyles and industries while collaborating closely with client industries.

We provide all types of highly-functional films to prevent reflections or refraction which is vital for achieving beautiful, easily-viewed LCD or organic EL displays (OLED) of TV, PC or smartphone. We are also progressing with development via application of technologies built up with LCD, to bring about the next generation of displays, such as Head-up Displays projected as video onto automobile windshields.


FUJITAC protective film for polarizers

Main Products and Services
  • Protective film for polarizers
  • Films for expanding viewing angles
  • Materials for OLED/touch panel

Fujifilm provides a wide range of products that are vital for many types of industrial manufacturing, including touch panel sensor film that are readily enlarged, pressure measurement films that change colors when subject to pressure, micro filters used in beer production and semiconductor cleaning processes for their ability to precisely filter out microbes and microparticulates, and non-destructive testing equipments and materials for investigating wear inside aircraft and plants. We contribute to safe, comfortable lives and support social infrastructure as a strong partner with a limitless breadth of potential avenues for involvement through combinations of new technologies and industries.

[image]Pressure measurement film "PRESCALE"

Pressure measurement film "PRESCALE"

Main Products and Services
  • Non-destructive testing equipment and materials
  • Sensor film for touch panel
  • Pressure measurement films, and more

We provide a variety of products used in semiconductor manufacturing processes and contribute to improved performance for semiconductors that support advances in digital devices, such as photoresists used in the processes to fabricate circuit patterns (wiring and components). We also provide color resists for image sensors in an expanding range of fields, from digital cameras and smartphones through automotive uses. We support digitalization and IT in revolutionizing society, from behind the scenes.

Main Products and Services
  • Semiconductor processing materials

Fujifilm has used existing, advanced chemical synthesis technologies to develop highly-functional chemicals like color film pigments, while also advancing high-quality LCD display materials and printing materials through applications of these technologies. In recent years, Fujifilm has begun providing highly-functional and high-quality laboratory chemicals, specialty chemicals, and diagnostic reagents based on FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation’s advanced technologies, to address customer needs.

Main Products and Services
  • Highly functional chemicals
  • Laboratory chemicals