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Insufflator Pump


The Fujifilm FM134 boasts an intuitive color touchscreen designed for ease of use. The insufflator pump features a pressure relief system as well as an integrated fluid sensor. 

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

FM134, Insufflator 50L

Power connection

100-240 V~

Mains fuse 

T 3.15 A H 250 V


50/60 Hz

Max. power consumption

150 VA

Current consumption

100 V~ 60 Hz: 0.45 A (US, UK, CA: 0.45 A)

240 V~ 50 Hz: 0.25 A (US, UK, CA: 0.25 A)

Protection class


Protection level

Type BF

Moisture protection


Dimensions (W x H x D)

380 x 142 x 370 mm


Approx. 10 kg/22 lbs

Operating conditions

10-40 °C/50-104 °F

30-75% rel. humidity

700 - 1060 hPa ambient pressure

Maximum usage altitude

3000 m above sea level

Storage and transportation conditions

-20 to +60 °C /-4 to +140 °F

10 to 85% rel. humidity

Insufflation medium

Medical grade CO2

Maximum output pressure

75 mmHg (1 mmHg = 1.33 mbar = 133 Pa)

Maximum gas supply pressure

80 bar/1160 PSI

Bottle: 15 bar/218 PSI

House gas: 3.4 bar/50 PSI

Maximum gas flow

Bariatric: 50 l/min

Standard: 40 l/min 

Pediatric: 20 l/min

Vessel Harvest: 10 l/min

Pressure range

1-20 mmHg (Pediatric/Vessel Harvest)

1-30 mmHg (Standard/Bariatric)

Pressure display resolution

1 mmHg

Gas flow display resolution

1 l/min (Standard/Bariatric/Vessel Harvest/Pediatric in range of 2 to 20 l/min) 0.1 l/min (Pediatric in range of 0 to 1.9 l/min)

Volume display resolution

In range of 0 to 9.9 l resolution = 0.1 li

In range of 10 to 999 l resolution = 1 l

Connections/ports: Service interface

  • Tube set for irrigation, disposable T0506-01 
  • Tube set for irrigation, reusable, 20 uses
  • T0500-01 Day patient tube set for irrigation, disposable*
  • Day tube for irrigation, disposable*
  • T0502-01  Tube set for suction, disposable
  • T0503-01  Tube set for suction, 2 connectors, disposable
  • T0504-01 Tube set for vacuum, incl. filter, disposable
  • 01  Transponder, indications LAP, ARTHRO, HYS and URO
  • T0551-01  Transponder, indication LAP
  • T0552-01  Transponder, indication ARTHRO
  • T0553-01  Transponder, indication HYS T0554-01  Transponder, indication URO
  • Z0223-01  Differential volume scale for HYS and URO
  • Z0540-01 Foot switch, 2-pedal