South Africa
[photo] Computed Radiography System - DynamIx HR2 and Imaging plates with a white background

Computed Radiography System

DynamIx HR2, Imaging plate


CR system offering high-resolution readings from 25 μm pitch to 100 μm pitch.


IP insertion by hand

[image] A hand reaching for an imaging plate

DynamIx HR2 allows a small workspace by keeping the IP insertion/ejection in the front of the image reader

[image] DynamIx HR2 with directional arrows showing the printing workflow and an aerial view diagram with DynamIx HR2 dimensions

The image reader receives an IP and ejects it from the front. This unique design makes it possible to read IPs of up to 152 cm long in a narrow space. A sequence of operations can be carried out in the same place with just a few actions.

The Special Cut IP System*1 offering IPs tailored to test objects

[image] Special Cut IP System*1 offering IPs
[image] A table showing the IP Type, the tool to use, how to use the tool and what available Dynamix HR models is compatible

New special tools for using IPs of various shapes, available in three types

DynamIx Special Cut IP System provides an IP optimally shaped for an inspection object. To utilize IPs of various shapes, special tools have been developed dramatically reducing limitations. Now a variety of objects can be inspected at high accuracy.

  • *1 Available upon request. Contact us for custom sizes and shapes.