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Core Technologies

High-precision Coating Technology

Technologies to Form Uniform Single/Multi-layer Coatings Over Wide Areas

  • We have total technologies for materials/supporting structures/dispersion/coatings/drying/shipping/quality assurance

  • Compatible with a diverse variety of coating fluids (water-soluble, organic solvents) and coating support structures (from 5 μm to 400 μm)

Total technologies from materials through quality assurance

Developing precision coating methods tailored to products

Sector Photographic film Recording media Optical film for flat panel displays Print boards for printers
Distinction Simultaneous, uniform multi-layered membrane coating up to almost 20 layers High-speed coating of a thin layer on the ultra-thin supporting structure Fully and uniformly coated with lightly-adhesive coating fluid A hard, uneven aluminum supprting structure is coated with thin, uniform layers of lightly-adhesive fluid
Typical coating
Multilayer slide coating
Web tension slot-die coating
Slot-die coating
Bar coatings

Future Possibilities

Wet or dry coating on a variety of substrates, depending on the application, improves the functionality of the component