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CN-16S Process

Cat No. Product Name Description Product Size Product Image
CN-16S NC1X2 K The CN-16S FUJIFILM Negative Film chemicals constitute a specially designed Plug-in Replenisher Cartridges System  - NC1 & NC-2 are for use in FP150SC, FP363SC, FP563SC & other CN-16S compatible film processor like the  Noritsu T-15 . Each Carton of NC1 contains 2 cartridges with each cartridge comprises N1-RA,N2-R & N3-R replenishers whereas the NC2 comprises the N1-RB & N4-R replenishers in each cartridge. The processing capacity of of the NC1 replenisher cartridge is 200 rolls of 135/24-exp and 1,000 rolls of the same film type for NC2. 2 x 5.5L
CN-16S NC2X2 K 2 x 2.5L
CN-16S N1 The CN-16S processing chemicals besides consisting of the replenisher cartridge for solution replenishment also consist of Start-Up chemicals for the preparation of Tank Solution. The Start-Up chemicals include a Developer N1, Bleach N2, Fixer N3 and a Stabilizer N4 , all specifically designed to make a fresh Working Tank solution in FP150SC, FP363SC, FP563SC & Noritsu T-15 film processors. 6 x 5.2L
CN-16S N2  1 x 3.6L
CN-16S N3  1 x 3.6L
CN-16S N4  20 x 1.9L