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Fuji Hunt Brand


Cat No. Product Name Description Product Size Product Image
C6R 1ST D/R Fuji Hunt E-6 range of chemicals is for the processing of FUJIChrome & all films compatible with the E-6 process. C6R 1ST D/R is the first bath of the 7-Baths E-6 process. This Developer chemically converts the camera exposed silver halide grais(latent image) to metallic silver by a reduction reaction , resulting in a negative image formation.The First Developer performs the most important function in the E-6 process.  4 x 25L
C6R 1ST D/S The 1st DEVELOPER STARTER is used with the 1st Developer to make fresh Working Tank Solution. 6 x 1L
C6R REV BATH/REPL The REVERSAL BATH "fog" the undeveloped silver halides grains that were not converted to metallic silver in the first developer. 6 x 20L
C6R COLOR D/R The C6R COLOR D/R develops the silver halide fogged in the reversal bath and produces the colored image. 2 x 25L
C6R COLOR D/S The Developer Starter is used with the C6R Color D/R to make fresh Working Tank solution. 6 x 1L
979070 PRO-6 PRE-BLEACH 2 & REPLENISHER This PRE-BLEACH 2 & REPLENISHER prepares the developed metallic silver for bleaching and simultaneously promotes dye stability of the final image. 2 x 20L
981837 PRO-6 BLEACH & REPLENISHER The PRO-6 BLEACH oxidises all the metallic silver formed in the first and color development into silver salts, which are then removed from the film by the fixer bath which follows. 20L
C6R BL/STR The C6R BLEACH STARTER is used with the PRO-6 BLEACH & REPLENISHER to prepare fresh Working Tank Solution. 6 x 1L
872995 CN3R UNIVERSAL F/R The CN3R FIXER removes silver salts from the film emulsion. 4 x 5L CONC
979088 PRO-6 FINAL RINSE The FINAL RINSE guarantees spot-free, uniform film drying and minimises backside scumming. 6 x 20L