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Fuji Hunt Brand

Minilabs RA-4/FA PROCESS

Cat No. Product Name Description Product Size Product Image
UNIPACK 90 The UNIPACK range of chemicals comprises three products of different Replenishment Rates: 60ml/m2 , 90 m/m2 & 108ml/m2 to cater for different processing volumes. Each product contains 2 sets each of Developer & Bleach/Fix  specifically designed so that both chemicals finished at the same time . 2 x 10L
UNIPACK 60 2 x 10L
UNIPACK 108 2 x 20L
SP 161 P1R  These Fuji Hunt brand of Single Part Developers come in different Replenishment Rate - 108 ml/m2 and the Odourfree 60ml/m2 & 161 ml/m2. 4 x 10L
822750 SP 108 P1R  4 x 10L
822743 SP 60 P1R 4 x 10L
855030 SP 60 P1R 25L
855028 BF VR P2R PART A  This 2-Parts Bleach/Fix comes in 25L jerri can and is a companion product for the SP-60 P1R Developer/Replenisher 25L. These 25L product size is specially catered for use in large volume Paper Processors such as the VSP-25 & 50. 25L
855029 BF VR P2R PART B  25L
SUPER P2R B/F/R This is a variable rate companion Bleach Fix Replenisher for SP-60,SP-108 & SP-161 Developers. It can also be used with the Super Developer series. The Bleach Fix can be used at 54ml/m2 , 108ml/m2 as well as 215ml/m2 depending on the weekly processing volume. 2 x 10L
830070 UNIVERSAL PRINT STARTER  Designed for use with all the P1R developers and also the UNIPACK series to make fresh Working Tank solution.  6 x 1L CONC
CP3R Single-Part Rinse designed for use in all types of equipment compatible with the RA-4 Process & configured for waterless processing. 4 x 100L
822048 SUPER 48 P1R This is a variable Replenishment Rate Developer Replenisher recommended for high volume minilabs with minimum processing volume of about 60m2/week . This Developer can be used at 48ml/m2 (@ 45 sec) and 48 to 55 ml/m2(@ 22 to 27 sec ). 4x10L