FDR SE Lite C43

The New FDR SE Lite, is a cost effective flat panel detector with essential functionalities. A revolutionary approach to FDR SE Lite Series.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

2. Compatibility with FDR SE Console (DR-ID330CL)(Desktop only) and FUJIFILM Advanced Image Processing including Virtual Grid and Dynamic Visualization II  

FDR Series Lite only works with the dedicated console FDR SE Console.

3. With 3.8kg lightweight body and 150kg Load Capacity

The withstand load of 150kg on all surfaces and 3.8kg body makes it easy to be manuevered behind the patient

4. Scatter Grid Specification Available

40-44 lines/cm, and 80 lines/cm or more grids are recommended for purchasing for use with the FDR SE Lite panel.
In case 34 lines/cm and 60 lines/cm grid are to be used, confirm acceptable Image Quality before clinical use as areas of metal or metal prosthetics may cause artifacts.

5. Wired Communication  between Console (FDR SE Console) is not available (charging by DC Power cable (optional) is available)

AC power cable, plug and Wireless Access Point should be purchased locally. Recommended AC power cable: 1.8m, Unshielded

6. Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) method

With the CsI columnar crystal scintillator combined with the ISS system, we suppress light scattering and energy attenuation to create images with a low dose and high resolution thought to be impossible with existing reading systems. We have achieved a top world class 40-59% DQE , MTF 49-73%.