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At its simplest FUJIFILM Business Innovation Print services (XPS) offering is a suite of managed print services for your office requirements. It will provide you with greater control of your document output devices by enabling better fleet management. This in turn will bring about increased staff productivity and cost reductions. 

Optimising Usage of your Office Devices  
We will apply robust processes and tools to proactively analyse and optimise the use of your office output devices (printers, faxes, and multifunction devices) across your environment. Your Benefits from FUJIFILM Business Innovation Print Services (XPS) 

  • Free up staff to focus on core business
  • Single point of management for all your office devices
  • Accurate asset database
  • Office equipment control
  • Total environment visibility
  • Increased return on investment (ROI)
  • Equipment aligned to user requirements

Many enterprises are now moving beyond fleet management and optimisation, to driving productivity improvements around their document workflow. For most, the need to transform to digital is clear and strong.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s next generation of managed services go beyond print, to deliver savings and efficiencies through digitisation and workflow optimisation.

At its heart, next-generation Managed Print Services (MPS) is still about printing and documents – but it’s also about data, processes, mobility, security, productivity and more. It has the potential to touch and improve every area of your organisation where documents are created, output, captured, transformed, managed or shared.

Our services are a combination of cutting-edge technology solutions, experienced technicians and support personnel.

Done strategically, a Managed Print Service (MPS) can benefit your whole organisation:

  • Making key information more secure
  • Digitising workflows and replacing manual, paper-based processes
  • Helping your team perform key tasks much more efficiently and work more productively
  • Moving your documents and data to the cloud, allowing team members to work anywhere, anytime
  • Deriving new insights from the data already living in your print and document workflows
  • Working in a more sustainable way

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