FUJIFILM Prescale Mobile

Pressure Image Analysis App

FUJIFILM Prescale Mobile

The app that enables any user to quantify pressure and other analysis results with ease.

Frequently asked questions regarding FUJIFILM Prescale Mobile

Questions before purchase

You need to purchase the product because you need a license key and a calibration sheet.

The product version consistes of the following:

  1. Calibration sheets (2 sheets) 
  2. Folder 
  3. Quick Manual 
  4. License Authorization Letter 
  5. Protective sheets (10 sheets) 

The license version is only「4. License Authorization Letter」for using the app.

The folders used to store calibrations are PP processed.
We recommend the use of these products by customers who use them on sites with high pollution levels, such as oil, water, and chemicals.
Normal plates are cardboard.

Yes,For the latest adapted mobile devices, please check the main specifications on the website.

For the current adapted Prescale Type, please check the main specifications on the website.

No. You need to purchase mobile device own.

The flow from purchase to use is shown below.

  1. Purchase Prescale and Prescale mobile production versions.
  2. Prepare your mobile device own.
  3. Download apps from the App Store to your mobile device.
  4. Register the license key that you purchased for the app and make it available for use.
  5. Carry out inspection.

The biggest difference is how to read the Prescale.
FPD-8010E captures the Prescale with scanner, and the Prescale Mobile captures Prescale with the camera function of the mobile device.
There are other differences, so please check the home page for details or contact us using the inquiry form.

Although both basic analytical functions are common, Prescale Mobile has a lot of inspection efficiency functions, and FPD-8010E has a lot of detailed analysis functions (at the moment). 
Please check the comparison chart for details.

You cannot. 
The pressure value is not calculated correctly because the color cannot be reproduced.

How to use

You can output.
Download via cable wired itunes or via your iCloud.
For details, refer to the reference manual.

"Export" transfers the values/results that are measured and displayed in the application.
"MpaMap" transfers the pressure value for each Pixel of the pressure map that was shot.
Both are output in csv-file (similar to FPD-8010E).
For details, refer to the reference manual.

This is the environment for capturing colored Prescales on mobile devices.
Use the following environmental conditions when capturing.

  • Recommended light source: White LED/ fluorescent lamp
  • Recommended illumination: 500-900Lux
  • Recommended colour temp.: 5, 000-6,500K
  • * This is equivalent to the luminous environment of "ordinary visual work" to "fine visual work" in the plant standards (JIS Z 9110:2010).

Otherwise, the color tone may not be corrected and the pressure value may not be measured correctly.

If the Prescale floats from the calibration sheet due to curl, the pressure value cannot be measured correctly.
Place a weight on the non-colored part of the image, for example, so that it does not float from the calibration sheet.

After you disable the license from the settings of the original mobile device app, you can continue to use it by installing the app on the new mobile device and registering the license.
The license expiration date is not changed.

Data is saved on the mobile device, so it is not transferred to the new device.

Yes,you can continue to use same data.


Cut the Prescale to fit the A4 size before inspecting with Prescale Mobile.

Quick Manual is included when you purchase the product. 
If you contact us, we can send it in advance.

It is listed on the exterior box of the Prescale.

Possible causes are:
Please check. 

  • The lighting environment is not within the recommended range. 
  • There is a shadow in the picture. 
  • The Prescale is floating from the calibration sheet by the curl. 
  • Inspection conditions (variety, pressure type, temperature and humidity) are not registered correctly.

If you contact us, we will activate the original terminal.
You can use it continuously if you activate it with a new device after that.Note that the license period will continue.

If you re-activate it, you can use it as it is.
However, please be careful because if you delete the app from your device, the data will also be deleted.