Compact DR panel for a variety of applications such as infant incubators for newborn exams.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Matching detector selection to the clinical requirement

The smaller form allows it to be smoothly linked with incubators.

A range of DR detectors are available. Multiple panels can be carried on the system simultaneously, allowing the user the flexibility to change techniques mid-round. Neonatal examinations in incubators are simplified by the use of the C24.
The rugged magnesium-alloy shell-type frame (SRM*1) allows a total surface load capacity of 310 kg while maintaining a lightweight design of only 1.5 kg

  • *1 Shell-Shape with rib magnesium-alloy

The compact size can also be utilized in various fields, such as plastic surgery.

With a compact form factor of only 24 × 30 cm, the device can also be utilized in various fields, such as plastic surgery. It offers an increasing imaging efficiency and diagnostic precision extending beyond pediatrics.

Mobility and durability is suited to even the toughest medical settings

IPX6 waterproofing

Structured to prevent the infiltration of liquids, the device conforms to IPX6 and can withstand jets from any direction*2. There is no need to worry that fluids such as blood or vomit could enter the device.

  • *2 Because of product characteristics, these effects cannot always be guaranteed into the future.

Allows detector-only image storage

The detector itself can store up to 200 images in internal memory. This eliminates the work of carrying around multiple CR cassettes found in conventional systems. Furthermore, it allows you to perform rapid imaging, such as at night or during an emergency.

Maximum 48 hours of standby time with the new sleep function

The sleep mode provides approx. 8 hours of standby time, whereas the newly added extra sleep mode provides up to 48 hours of standby time. In sleep mode, the center LED on the side of the detector flashes slowly to indicate the detector status at a glance.

Pursuing ease of use through versatile functionality

1. Five-colored side-center LEDs to improve distinguishability

Equipped with LEDs at the center of each of the four sides of the detector that makes it easy to check the center position during imaging. Select from five colors (blue, pink, orange, lime-yellow, and purple) that make it easier to distinguish devices when using multiple detectors. In sleep mode, the side-center LEDs switch to a gentle flashing pattern that allows you to see the state of the detector at a glance.

2. Works together with the console to display the detector status

The docking stand works together with the console to display the detector's “Ready” status and identify color using the LEDs. This makes it easy to check the current state of the detector even from far away.

3. Easy-to-see LED status display

The back of the detector is equipped with an LED lamp that displays remaining battery status. This allows easy checks of remaining battery, and eliminates worries when using the detector.

4. Docking stand for charging and storage

The docking stand functions as a charger and storage device, and enables high-speed full charging in approximately 4 hours.

5. Stylish, unified design

The detector and peripherals (docking stand, charger, power supply unit) all share the same silver base color and high-quality design that effectively utilizes curved edges.

6. "SmartSwitch" Technology

The “SmartSwitch” technology allows automatic X-ray detection.
With “SmartSwitch,” the FDR D-EVO II” no longer requires connection between the X-ray generator and DR to automatically detect the X-ray exposure and begin image acquisition.

Products Name : FDR D-EVO II(Model name : DR-ID 1200)