FDR D-EVO ES C35/C43/G35/G43


Simple and Smart Essence

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Enhance your workflow with FUJIFILM’s latest flat panel detector and image processing

Speedy display of images greatly shortening examination time

Protection and Durability

Innovative structure design, waterproofing and quick system launch gives piece of mind in tough medical environments.

  • A frame structure that increases durability - 300 kg load capacity
  • IPX3 waterproofing with Easy-to-clean flat shape
  • One handed battery replacement and ready to image in 30 seconds
  • One-handed battery
CsI detectors

FDR ES C35 [14” x 17” model]
FDR ES C43 [17” x 17” model]

GOS detectors

FDR ES G35 [14” x 17” model]
FDR ES G43 [17” x 17” model]

17X17 cassette removes unnecessary cassette handling

The 17✕17 square shaped cassette allows improved workflow by removing the requirement of switching the cassette horizontally or vertically during the examination.

Allows detector-only image storage

A simple and easy transition to Digital imaging in Portable X-ray

FDR ES mobile solution*2 transforms your analogue mobile X-ray units into Digital Radiography systems quickly and easily. Images can be checked quickly on the spot, thus improving efficiency.


*2 The mobile type of Console Advance is also necessary in addition to FDR ES.

"SmartSwitch" Technology

The “SmartSwitch” technology allows automatic X-ray detection.
With “SmartSwitch,” the FDR ES no longer requires connection between the X-ray generator and DR to automatically detect the X-ray 
exposure and begin image acquisition.