42K Printbar System


The system can seamlessly integrate into your current operation and offer the benefit of digital printing to your clients.

Case Study – Transactional Printing

In 2018 Broadridge Customer Communications undertook an evaluation of replacing legacy continuous inkjet imprinting systems for transactional printing. They looked at various reputable companies in the marketplace. “Fujifilm Integrated Inkjet Solutions made it easy to evaluate their solution by providing a demonstration unit and the support needed to install it,” said Naveed Choudhry, Sr. Transformation and Operations Manager, at Broadridge Customer Communications. “They planned and communicated clearly and in detail throughout the process from our first inquiry through to equipment arrival, installation, and follow-up thereafter.  This made the experience easy.  Fujifilm is open, collaborative, and flexible to our needs.  It goes without saying that their expertise was comprehensive.”

Broadridge subsequently expanded their incorporation of the Fujifilm imprinting systems into some of their other sites. They also expanded purchases to include printbars of different sizes, and more recently for spot color and process color applications.  “It’s good to know Fujifilm has a broad range of solutions and they are able to support our expansion as we continue to incorporate the latest printing technology for our customers,” said Naveed.