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CP-47 Process

Cat No. Product Name Description Product Size Product Image
850240 CP-47HV II P1-R The CP-47HV II chemicals are used in many Fujifilm printer processors (eg. SFA-232 Printer Processor PP720W). The CP-47HV II chemicals comprise a Developer P1-R, a Bleach/Fix P2-R . P1-S Developer Starter is used with the P1-R to make fresh Working Tank Solution. 2.5L
850241 CP-47HV II P2-R 2 x 4L
850250 CP-47HV II P1-S 10 x 10L
999769 FHRSS 12 This European-made Ion Exchange Resin Cartridge is used for deionising tap water to obtain soft water. This unit must be used in combination with the FUJIFILM Superconditioner tablets (FSC-100). 1 x 1
950127 FSC-100 AO UNS TABLETS/BTL These tablets are designed to aid in the washing of film & paper emulsions in FUJIFILM minilab equipment. It is recommended that the tablets be used with the soft water obtain from the FHRSS 12 unit. 100 x 5L / Bottle