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Fuji Hunt Brand


Cat No. Product Name Description Product Size Product Image
CP-RA PROF D/R Specifically designed for use in a wide range of processors - typically Roller Transport  processors (eg LPS-24 Pro) in professional laboratories. The high replenishment rate of 215 ml/2 ensures the achievement of optimum print quality in low to medium processing conditions. 2 x 40L
CPRA DIGITAL PRO DEVELOPER REPL.AC Specially designed for use in Roller Transport processors dedicated to medium and large format photo digital writers (eg Durst Lambda,Epsilon, Theta, Polielettronica Laserlab etc ). This 2-Parts Odour-free Developer, gives optimised sensitometry on digital paper and display materials, generating the highest possible maximum density without causing flare and color balance problems. 2 x 50L
RA-P2R B/F/R This Bleach Fix Replenisher is a companion product for both CP-RA Pro and CPRA DIGITAL Pro developers with a Replenishment rate of 215ml/m2. 2 x 25L
830070 UNIVERSAL PRINT STARTER Designed for use with both the CP-RA Pro & Digital Pro developers & all Fuji Hunt CP developers. 6 x 1L CONC