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High-end Digital RF System


Comfort. Low Dose. Ultra-Versatility. The complete premium model.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

OK, everyone. Just relax.

Doctors, radiographers, and patients don’t want to be anxious. Patients appreciate safe and comfortable imaging. Physicians want to perform procedures accurately. In pursuit of true value, everyone’s comfort has evolved as CUREVISTA Open.

Goodbye to Ooops!

2 WAY ARMLongitudinal & Lateral Direction

For safety reasons, you don’t want to move the patient. The X-ray tube column moves freely in vertical, horizontal & diagonal direction. No  patient movement required to adjust FOV. This is a risk-reducing solution for doctors and radiographers who want to focus on examinations and procedures.

Right or left. Both are easy.

SYMMETRIC DESIGN / 9.8cm Blank Space

For doctors, posture may affect the accuracy of the procedure. With the symmetric table structure and a large scanning area, blank space (Non-radio-transparent area)  is only 9.8 cm at both edges of the table. This is a result of considering the patient whose position cannot be adjusted freely and the posture of the doctor who performs the procedure by the side of the table. Get closer and make it easier.

Trim it. Independently.

IntelliSHUTTER / Independent Collimator Shutter [OPTION]

You can eliminate exposures to the specific unnecessary field outside of the Region of Interest. Upper. Lower. Left. Right. The four shutters slide independently, making exams at the edge of the table easier. The upper half for urological cystography. The left half for shoulder arthrography. No need to move the patient. Shape the beam as per your wish.