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Value 1. Passion

This is our passion.

I was moved. So, I made a move.

What should we do for RF systems to continue to exist as our customers' first choice? What is the overall concept of the new development? Let's hear from the director.

“This is incredible work...”

We have delivered quite a few RF systems under the "VISTA series" for many years. Most of my career is spent on the R&D of the VISTA series. In particular, the development of the first-generation CUREVISTA was the most memorable.

Developed from a customer-centric perspective, we installed fixed-point cameras in hospitals and observed the flow lines and behaviors of doctors, radiographers, and other medical staff. Through ethnographic research, objective data and customer insights were collected and thoroughly analyzed. It is no exaggeration to say that CUREVISTA were born from the medical field.

I was one of the core members of the project team. Upon the launch of CUREVISTA, I was assigned to the product sales department and visited approximately 400 customers in a year.

One day, a customer told me the following words, which left a deep impression on me.

“This is incredible work…”

It was the moment when I realized that we have developed a customer-oriented product. His words became the starting point of the new product development concept for new CUREVISTA Open.

What can we do for our customers?

Our goal in developing CUREVISTA Open was “to respond to diverse exams as medical care evolves”. With the enhanced performance of CUREVISTA Open, various clinical departments will be empowered to efficiently perform examinations and treatments. In addition, this will cater to the increasing demand for faster operating rates in X-ray rooms for medium and large hospitals.

We also aimed “to provide an optimal treatment” that caters to the needs of RF system use in various treatment sites. This is because RF systems are used in various treatment sites. I learned this through hospital visits and collaborative research. As such, it is our mission to identify, understand and respond quickly to the changes in system usage and trends. So I asked myself, “What can I do for the customer?” And the answer was, "Incorporate the voice of customers before considering the blueprint of the system."

The next day, I held a kick-off meeting with elite members from the domestic sales, international sales, technical sales, marketing, R&D, quality assurance, and service teams. Different departments encounter different experiences and scenarios when interacting with customers. In other words, the ideas and requests that were shared comprised of distinct perspectives.

Through perseverance and grit, we managed to overcome initial challenges and worked together to establish a perfect “one team”. Eventually, those members became a perfect "one team".

CUREVISTA Open is full of passion.

A total of 925 customer voices were gathered and individually reviewed by project members over weeks of intense research. After that, all the members reviewed them one by one for weeks. To minimize setbacks in our progress, all insights were thoroughly discussed, and recorded in detail: "Who said what?", "Go or no-go?", "Why is that?", "Is there anything else we can do?"...

None of the project members were passive. Each person felt something, always thought, and took actions proactively. This is why CUREVISTA Open is full of "passion".

Basing our development process on customer feedback, driven by a strong purpose to optimize customer value, I am confident that CUREVISTA Open will provide a satisfactory experience with users thinking “This is incredible work...”.