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Value 3. Possibility

World-Class Standards.

Striving to meet globalized needs.

A product marketer who has driven the project across 10 departments as a project manager. "My motivation comes from doctors' enthusiasms for patients", he says. Marketing manager Youskeh Suzuki shares what he believes is pivotal for unleashing new possibilities.

Always be customer-oriented.

“Always be customer-oriented.” This is my motto as a product marketer and the top priority during the entire project. Not just for me. This was a common ground communicated to all members.

Manufacturers tend to limit their focus on “pursuing material functionality” during product development. It is thus the priority of our team to search for the “wants” (specific customer demands) and “hidden needs” of our customers.

Safe and secure work environment.

In recent years, I feel that customer behavior and needs have been globalized. This is because the medical professionals, including doctors, share issues, specific solutions, and future directions through international exchange. For example, doctors from neighbors such as China, South Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan visit university hospitals in Japan and vice versa.

Having visited medical staff from around the world, I observed a common motivation to create a “safe and secure work environment”. Recognizing this as an area of demand, I directed my focus to resolving this request.

In this respect, I am convinced that CUREVISTA Open is the ideal system that appeals to customers who desire a "safe and secure exam/treatment environment" as solutions implemented throughout the system applied various "voices" received from healthcare professionals, especially doctors and radiographers.

Durable fixed table. Yet, versatile.

What kind of solutions were incorporated? To satisfy the medical facilities in the world, we never compromised on “the table” because the patient population is diverse, and they lie there every day.

For example, some were afraid... “What if I move a patient...?” “Can we examine heavier patients?” “We have to do fluoroscopy in the morning and radiography in the afternoon...”

In response to these concerns, we have developed a durable fixed table in which the tabletop never slides. On the other hand, it is equipped with flexible arm mechanisms and advanced applications, enabling versatile exams.

The world standard.

There is a long list of value-added features: Advanced imaging technology. Ultra-low-dose capability. Convenient Fluoro recording. Patient-centric shape & design. Made-in-Japan durability & quality… I spent a considerable amount of time introducing these customer benefits.

I dream of a day that CUREVISTA Open will become the world standard because I know that a system with customer voices at its core will meet increasingly globalized needs.

We would like to continue to grow together with medical professionals. CUREVISTA Open will support high-quality medical services, expand the possibilities of facilities, and become essential for a healthy society.