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FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants

FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants Inc. is a manufacturing centre of excellence in the FUJIFILM Ink Solutions Group, an experienced inkjet technology partner to equipment manufacturers, integrators and ink formulators. The Delaware USA plant is specialised in aqueous inkjet ink manufacturing and aqueous inkjet ink toll manufacturing/contract manufacturing. With an annual capacity of 20 million litres, it is one of the world’s largest aqueous inkjet manufacturing facilities.

Large-scale, precision manufacturing
Seamless, end-to-end manufacturing that consistently meets the most challenging specifications, on budget and on time. Ability to manufacture from laboratory scale up to 22,000 litre batches with stringent process controls in place to guarantee precision.

Fast, seamless scale-up from lab to production
Vast experience and expertise in rapid technology transfer for translation of a laboratory ink formulation into a manufacturing formulation, quickly and effectively. Experts in complex, multi-stage processing with a proven track record in streamlined scale-up from laboratory scale to 22,000 litre batches for cost-effective manufacturing.

Reliable products, delivered to specification
Stringent quality control procedures at every step of the process to monitor the quality and consistency of ink from initial formulation transfer through to final batch testing. In-house testing laboratories carry out a range of in-process tests tailored to specific product requirements. Manufacturing is underpinned by ISO 9001 compliant Quality Assurance Systems with full product traceability, from raw material to final ink.

Company Name

FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants Inc.

Business Fields

Aqueous Inkjet Ink Manufacturing, Aqueous Inkjet Ink Toll Manufacturing/Contract Manufacturing


233 Cherry Lane
New Castle, DE 19720


 (800) 552-1609


ISO 9001

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FUJIFILM Ink Solutions Group: www.fujifilmprecisionink.com