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[photo] A stack of mounting tapes with a red and blue tesa logo stamp

Mounting Tapes

Offering High Tech Mounting Tapes for Every Application

Tesa is Europe’s market leader in adhesive tapes. A subsidiary of the Beiersdorf conglomerate, you may know the company by some of its other brand names including Curad and Nivea. Tesa, along with Curad and Nivea, is becoming a household name in the U.S. flexographic print market.


Fujifilm is proud to exclusively represent Tesa’s full line of flexographic mounting tapes. The household name in European flexo shops and a growing presence in North America, Tesa manufactures the high tech Steelmaster cushioned tape series in a variety of durometers and adhesion strengths. Available in the all common thicknesses and widths, Tesa tapes reduce plate lift and offer extended resistance to compression due to their closed cell technology. Sold in 1” increments, Fuji can handle request for the narrowest label press to the widest pre-printed liner board application. Ask your local Fujifilm representative for a sample roll so we can show you all the benefits Tesa has to offer.

Fujifilm also offers a wide variety of other Tesa products for edge sealing, carton sealing and splicing.