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SpyderX Series

Productive and reliable flatbed with optional Roll To Roll system for maximum versatility

The SpyderX builds on the heritage of Inca and Fujifilm's successful Spyder 320 range, the high-performance Onset platform and the innovative Onset X Series. SpyderX wide-format inkjet printer was developed to deliver the ultimate in all-round performance and flexibility required for graphics printing. The robust 126" (3.2m) wide, six-color + white SpyderX is available as either a flatbed, or a combination flatbed/roll-fed model for handling rigid and flexible substrates. The SpyderX is a powerful and versatile printer which can produce a wide variety of products. Using Fujifilm Uvijet ink and Dimatix printheads, the printer delivers high-speed (nearly 2,500 square feet per hour or 230 square meters per hour) production with sharp, pin point accuracy.


  • High quality flatbed output up to 30 5x10' beds an hour
  • High speed roll to roll output up to 2,476 square feet an hour
  • Optional Roll To Roll System for ultimate versatility
  • Print-a-Shim for consistent quality across the bed
  • iNozzle auto nozzle mapping technology
  • 6 zoned vacuum print bed
  • Light Cyan and Light Magenta as standard to smooth tones and gradients
  • Maintenance Scheduler and automated printhead cleaning
  • Inca Vision remote diagnostics software


Printing Systems


Operation Conditions

Print Area
Flatbed: 126” x 63” (3.2m x 1.6m)
Roll: 126" x 197" (3.2m x 10m)

Power Supply

Rated voltage 380-480V ac @ 30A 50/60Hz; 3-phase and Protective Earth/Ground;
180-250V ac @ 30A 50/60Hz; single phase and Protective Earth/Ground

Factory Air Requirement

Minimum 7 bar (102 psi) @ 0.35m3/min (normal)


1000 Base-T

Download Documents

Uvijet XK Ink

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