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Technical Services & Support


Together we can improve quality, increase productivity and reduce waste, helping your business prosper for years to come.

Equipment Service

Fujifilm Graphic Systems Division is committed to providing our customers with innovative technical solutions, responsive support and developing mutually profitable partnerships. Our professionalism and experience provides a unique offering that is unmatched by anyone in the industry.


Our nationwide service organization has received extensive KT training. Kepner-Tregoe ™ is a process for problem solving and decision making that helps people rapidly and accurately resolve a wide range of technical issues. This training enables us to pinpoint problems more quickly, resulting in faster resolutions.

  • We provide around the clock access through our Technical Assistance Service Line. Our friendly staff will work with you to gather the most accurate information to assess your needs quickly.
  • Our experienced Technical Response Center resolves most service issues remotely, resulting in less downtime for you.
  • Our knowledgeable team of Service Coordinators are focused on arranging service and installations efficiently and effectively.
  • Our fully trained and certified Technical Staff has the ability to respond to and resolve the most difficult of problems.

We are proud to be one of the top service providers in the nation. We pledge to continue to be your trusted advisor in this ever changing market place.

Workflow Consulting

Workflow Consulting

Workflow Consulting is customized consulting to meet a variety of your needs including the analysis of current production process and workflow, the optimization of existing workflow, or the design of new workflow solutions for a particular production environment. These consulting projects are quoted on an individual basis depending on your goals and the Fujifilm resources required to meet those goals.


Whether you are trying to bring your shop up to the newest industry standards, looking to upgrade or just improve a current workflow, Fujifilm Consutants are here to help. Add new equipment to an existing workflow with confidence knowing you will get trained professionals making sure each piece will help your bottom line. Increase effeciences by making sure your existing equipment is being used to its highest potential, saving you time and money. Provide your customers with the piece of mind knowing you meet/exceed todays standards.

Color Consulting

Color management tools, specifications and industry standards have given content creators and printers a wide array of options for setting and controlling color reproduction across different media and technologies. Fujifilm's Professional Services Advisors are experts in a variety of color management tools, from G7 curve creation to ICC-based applications and the latest in spectrophotometry. More importantly, we are also experts in implementing these solutions in print production environments. Whether it's color management for conventional or inkjet presses, proofing or digital printing systems, we can help you understand the best way to use color management technology in your particular print environment or workflow.


Fujifilm offers comprehensive alignment, analysis and optimization tools and expertise for aligning various color output devices on a myriad of media and at multiple locations. Need to align color output for conventional presses, inkjet proofs and digital printing systems? Fujifilm has the tools and expertise to do it quickly and efficiently. Need to keep multiple devices at multiple locations printing the same? Our ColorPath SYNC tools provide cloud-based color mangement solutions. Need to be qualified as a Master G7 Printer? Fujfilm has multiple Certified G7 Experts, and has performed over 50% of all Master G7 Qualifications in North America.


  • Optimized G7 & ISO curves for plates on conventional presses.
  • Optimized Device Link Profiles for quickly and easily color managing proofing and digital printing systems
  • Ink optimization for the press room.
  • Certified G7 Experts who share common, documented methodologies and tool sets.


  • Quickly and accurately align multiple output devices on different media at different locations.
  • Reduce the time to get salable product from the press to the loading dock.
  • Accurate, predictable and repeatable color output .

Service Agreements

Fujifilm Graphic Systems offers a wide range of coverage options to meet your needs. Our flexible agreements are designed to protect your equipment and your bottom line.


We offer a variety of coverage options for your CTP Device, Wide Format Equipment, Processor, Plate Handling Equipment, Software and more. Our agreements range from discounted service rates to full coverage with extended service hours. We also include Preventative Maintenance visits throughout the year to maximize your production.

For more information regarding Fujifilm Customer Support Agreements, please contact our Contract Administration Department.