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United States
[photo] FPD-8010E Installation CD

Pressure Distribution Mapping System



Easy to Read, Easy to Understand Prescale Pressure Analysis in numerical format is now available!

FPD-8010E provides a wide range of effective presentation and report functions utilizing FPD-8010E software and a scanner to digitize Prescale outputs to allow the user to produce multi-faceted measurement data such as pressure distribution and enlargement, cross-sectional distribution, and 3-D image display. 
This serves to accelerate product development and improved yields based on detailed multi-faceted measurement data and analysis.

System Configuration

[photo] FPD-8010E Installation CD

Dedicated Software
Converts Prescale density values into pressure values.

[photo] Manuscript hold-down scanner cover

Dedicated Cover
This manuscript hold-down scanner cover improves date-read precision.

[photo] Picture calibration sheet

Calibration Sheet
The calibration sheet limits scanner-read errors to a fixed range.


[image] Software screenshot of FPD-8010E software overall

Overall Measurement

Various data such as average pressure and maximum pressure are displayed.*1

[image] Software screenshot of FPD-8010E partial section

Partial Enlargement

The specified field is enlarged. (X 4, X 8, X 16)

[image] Software screenshot of FPD-8010E cross section

Pressure Cross Section

Pressure distribution on a line passing through a specified point is shown on a line graph.

[image] Software screenshot of wireframes

Wire Frame

Pressure is displayed in 3-D format.*2

Total Weight Distribution

The upper and left segments of the total pressure are displayed on a bar graph.

Histogram Analysis

Pressure on the circumference is displayed as a histogram.*2

Text Data Output

Pressure data is exported to a text file.*2

Pressure Distribution Animation

Step-by-step pressure values are displayed in animated format.

  • *1 The scope of for Ultra Extreme Low Pressure(5LW) that can be measured by pressure image analysis system FPD-8010E is 0.015MPa to 0.050MPa.
  • *2 Ultra Extreme Low Pressure(5LW) is not supported.

How to use

1)Prepare the colored Prescale.

2)Scan Prescale Samples (Scanner purchased separately by user)

3)Perform analysis utilizing FPD-8010E Software.