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Martin Schoeppler Keynote Presentation

No one knows how long the current crisis will continue, or the extent of its global impact. However, FUJIFILM Inkjet Solutions teams are prepared to meet customer needs and address challenges head-on to deliver value to customers during this unprecedented time.
To help printing businesses navigate challenges during COVID-19, Martin Schoeppler, CEO at FUJIFILM Dimatix Inc. delivered a keynote presentation at Japan Inkjet Virtual Messe. 

During his presentation, he discussed obstacles and opportunities for Inkjet Printing and Deposition across several industries including Additive Manufacturing, Commercial Printing, Decorative Construction, Packaging, among other areas. 

Mr. Schoeppler concluded his remarks with an emphasis on how advanced and innovative technology, excellent customer service, and agility will continue to be the foundations of an effective response in gaining a competitive advantage during this challenging period. Watch now.