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Served Market Segments

FUJIFILM delivered innovative solutions designed to transform commercial and industrial printing to support business needs.

Graphic Arts

[image] Graphic Arts

A picture is worth a thousand words. Our graphic solutions including our Inks and printheads are key enablers to make printed images come to life on a range of substrates targeted for out-of-home signs and displays.

Our inkjet products range from printheads, to custom design inks, to complete jetting assemblies with supporting fluids and components. Our technology expertise includes solvent, aqueous, ultraviolet (UV), ultraviolet light emitting diode (UV LED) and hybrid. From original equipment manufacturer (OEM) suppliers to purpose built systems, our solutions meet industry demand for quality and scalability.


  • Outdoor and Indoor Signage
  • Point-of-Sale Displays
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Soft Signage (Textiles)
  • Screen Masking
  • Ad Specialty
  • Wallcoverings

Commercial Printing

[image] Commercial Printing

Commercial printing, direct mail, publishing and transaction documents are the mainstay of the printing industry. Retail brands, news organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, and many others rely on print communications to deliver their message. Our solutions power conventional and digital technologies for these segments.

Commercial printing is a diverse industry, calling for a wide range of solutions including digital printing as well as imprinting solutions. This industry produces applications aimed at delivering meaningful communications including critical and timely information, brand messaging and product offerings between businesses and their customers.

Our inkjet solutions – printheads, inks and substrates – are leading the industry in quality, speed, and reliability. Our inkjet solutions and pre-coating technologies enable the highest quality images to be reproduced on a wide variety of substrates- meeting the diverse needs of this industry. Digital print production solutions that utilize our core inkjet technology are aimed at short, medium and long print runs and provides quality that rivals the quality of traditional offset printing. Combined with workflow, quality assurance and color management, our solutions set a benchmark for quality and reliability.


  • Commercial Printing
  • Direct Mail
  • Publishing
  • Transaction
  • TransPromo