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[photo] China International Import Expo

Case Study

CIIE2019 China International Import Expo

China International Import Expo is the largest comprehensive import-themed exhibition. Held in Shanghai, China, it is regarded as a major national event for the Chinese government to enhance their economic exchange and cooperation with countries all over the world to expand their imports.  FUJIFILM’s Optical Devices division used the FP-Z5000 projector to accentuate the booth’s atmosphere at the expo. 

Hands-on projection mapping that uses motion sensors

Fujifilm provided a hands-on projection map that used motion sensors by installing four FP-Z5000 projectors in total: two for projection on the wall (8 m x 3.4 m) and another two for on the floor (8 m x 2.6 m). It was designed to project the functions, features, and technology information of our products through the FP-Z5000 when those products installed in the wall are touched.  Also, we designed the FP-Z5000 installed on the side wall to project water on the floor; the surface moved up and down slowly when visitors walked through using a motion sensor to give guidance.

[photo] Hands-on projection mapping that uses motion sensors

Issues in the exhibition to improve the brand image

In China, where Fujifilm has a strong corporate image as a company of photography professionals, the goal of the exhibition was to demonstrate the innovation, versatility, and diversification of FUJIFILM as a leading global company.


FUJIFILM developed an exhibition method utilizing a hands-on projection map with motion sensors that demonstrated a unique use case for the FP-Z5000.


The rotating lens of the FP-Z5000 allowed the projector to be installed in the ceiling with only the lens part visible. Also, the ultra-short-throw lens made it possible to project onto a large screen from a very short distance without visitors’ shadows being cast over the screen. This function helped visitors to concentrate on the exhibited content.


Many visitors showed an interest in the floor projection, looking at the ceiling and wondering from where the projection was originating. This clever solution allowed FUJIFILM to demonstrate the unique capabilities of the FP-Z500 to the attendees of the event.

[photo] Hands-on projection mapping that uses motion sensors
[photo] State of the exhibition booth
[photo] State of the exhibition booth
[photo] Hands-on projection mapping that uses motion sensors

Feedback from visitors

Many booth visitors offered positive feedback on the display:

“It was unique and a great exhibition that no other companies provided!”
“The image of Fujifilm I had completely changed. Now, I have the impression that they are an advanced and innovative company.”
“Now, I fully understand the technology and diversification of Fujifilm.”
“Now, I understand they have interesting and unique products.”

FP-Z5000 proved itself as a valued part of FUJIFILM’s presence at the exhibition.