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[photo]Yabarra – Dreaming Light utilized the FUJIFILM FP-Z5000 for projection mapping

Case Study

Australia  Yabarra – Dreaming Light

An immersive virtual show, Yabarra – Dreaming Light utilized the FUJIFILM FP-Z5000 for projection mapping at the large festival, Adelaide Fringe, in Adelaide, Australia.

[photo]Yabarra – Dreaming Light utilized the FUJIFILM FP-Z5000 for projection mapping

Mad March ―  a time when many large events are held in late summer in Adelaide. Adelaide Fringe, which is carried out ahead of other events, starts at every site with parades. This festival, where unique dance and comedy performers gather from all over the world and perform at all the facilities in the city lasts about a month and of celebrates the arts. The FP-Z5000 was utilized in one of the areas in Yabarra – Dreaming Light, an event that used projection mapping.

[photo] FP-Z5000

The lens rotation and ultra-short-throw lens of the FP-Z5000 were the biggest appeal!

The event company in charge of the event, Novatech Milenko Novakovic, had a great experience with the FP-Z5000:

“Fujifilm’s FP-Z5000 was especially useful thanks to its significant lens rotation capabilities. It was easy to move the lens without moving the unit itself, which allowed for projection regardless of the installed position. Also, the projection distance was significantly short; the FP-Z5000 allowed us to project a large screen from an ultra-short throw distance that other projectors could not cover.”

The immersive atmosphere created by the FP-Z5000 fascinated visitors and offered a virtual show where they could experience history

Yabarra – Dreaming Light is an immersive virtual show that shares the culture of Kaurna, the indigenous people of Adelaide, and provides a multisensory experience of the story to show respect for the land.

The show starts with a stage atmosphere that simulates walking through a cave. Walking further by following messages, senses awaken as the sounds of trees are actually the voices of people seemingly whispering  in a breeze in the deep, dark and magical space.

Around the stage, trees of light are projected and a virtual campfire starts. The audience is drawn into the performance of a combination of smoke, light, and sound and led by the light from heaven by  following footprints as the story goes.

To create such a stage atmosphere, many small projectors were required, and the FP-Z5000 was selected to play this important role. The FP-Z5000 flexibly supported projection onto not only the surrounding walls and screens but also ceiling and floor and provided the right performance and contributed to successfully providing breathtaking projection mapping.

[photo]Projection mapping