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Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Textured Paper - Canvas


Professional Textured Paper Canvas is a silver halide color paper with a unique surface design, suitable for a wide range of unique premium products.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Textured Paper Canvas is a silver halide paper designed for digital output. The texture surface is manufactured into the paper, allowing for greater ease of production in the lab without additional post processing steps required. Textured Paper Canvas is available in glossy and matte surfaces. 

  • Textured Surface
    • Canvas Glossy and Matte surface
    • Textured surface allows for good resistance to fingerprints when handles
  • Vivid Color Reproduction
    • Retains beautiful color such as subtle shades of green, vivid blues and reds, ideally suited to portraiture and commercial use
  • Brilliant Whites and Deep Blacks
    • Clearer, more distinct highlight details and deep blacks
  • Excellent Image Stability
    • Excellent light storage stability and high image stability during long-term dark storage, as well as with respect to nitrogen oxide, ozone and other gases

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