United States

Rockwell Hitec Chemical Mixers

Designed to meet the chemical mixing demands of even the largest imaging lab.


AutomModular design

  • Up to 7 mix units per cabinet.
  • Any combination of solutions up to 7 max.
  • Water and up to 5 concentrates per mix unit.

Automatically mixes regenerated replenisher

  • 60 liters to 250 liters per hour per mixer.
  • 1,440 liters to 6,000 liters per hour per mixer.

Automatically mixes regenerated replenisher

  • 90 liters to 150 liters per hour per mixer.
  • 2,160 liters to 3,600 liters per hour per mixer.

Concentrate supply

  • From any size drum, cubitainer or bottle.

Sophisticated mixing system

  • Checks every step of each mix.
  • Stops mixing and gives alarm error if mix is incorrect.
  • Sophisticated monitoring system (Optional).
  • Monitor actual mixing progress through existing network from any PC.
  • Real-time monitoring as it occurs.