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Jetflex Display Polyester Film

Fujifilm JetFlex Display Film


From the maker of Crystal Archive photo paper comes Fujifilm JetFlex Display Film, inkjet prints & graphics that shine.

Jetflex Display Polyester Film

A wide format inkjet white polyester film that provides outstanding tear resistance and dimensional stability with an ultra high gloss.

FUJIFILM JetFlex Display Film is a high quality, water-resistant inkjet film that is the perfect choice for reproducing fine art photographs as well as display graphics. Available in 24" & 44" rolls widths, this white polyester film dries to the touch instantly, offers vibrant colors with an ultra high gloss.

  • Surface: Ultra High Gloss
  • Base: White Polyester Film
  • Weight: 260 gsm +/- 10
  • Caliper: 7.3 mil +/- 0.4 (185 µm +/- 12)
  • Brightness: 90.0% +/- 2
  • Opacity: 97.0% +/- 4
  • Gloss: 70% +/- 5 (75º)
  • Printer Compatibility: All Piezo and Thermal inkjet printers