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Professional Color Paper

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Supreme Paper

You will get the same results you have grown to know and trust from Fujicolor Crystal Archive technologies. These results include vivid color reproduction, brilliant whites, and excellent image stability.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Supreme Paper is the latest offering from Fujifilm's Crystal Archive family of color paper, for use in both digital and conventional systems. We understand in today's competitive marketplace a distinctive edge is critical for customer satisfaction, and Fujicolor Crystal Archive Supreme Paper is an opportunity to create the distinction you want!

  • Optimized silver halide crystals for laser exposure yet optically compatible.

  • Beautiful colors ranging from subtle shades of green to more vivid blues and reds.

  • Brilliant whites with clear and expressive highlight details.

  • Gold Fujicolor Crystal Archive Supreme Backprint.

  • Thicker somewhat stiffer base means prints will lay flat.

  • Excellent resistance to light fade and long-term dark storage.

  • Sensitometric compatibility with Fujicolor Crystal Archive Type II ease production.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Supreme Paper will deliver beautiful prints, with the consistency and performance you have come to expect from the family of Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper and print materials.