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A comprehensive range of specialty and proprietary etchant blends

We offer a broad range of diluted Hydrofluoric (HF) ratios, specialty Buffered Oxide Etchants (BOE) - with/without surfactant, Mixed Acid etchants (MAE) & specialty metal etchants

Product Summary

  • Buffered Oxide Etchants 
    • Fujifilm has advanced capabilities for the precise blending of Buffered Etchants with tight assay specification ranges, available in multiple NH4F:HF ratios 
    • Utilized to etch SiO2 films 
    • Utilized as pre-diffusion and pre-metallization surface preparations
    • Formulated from high purity 49% Hydrofluoric Acid and high purity 40% Ammonium Fluoride
    • Available with and without surfactant
  • Dilute HF 
    • Fujifilm has advanced capabilities for the precise blending of dilute HF with tight assay specification ranges 
  • Freckle Etch 
    • For the removal of residual silicon nodules left after etching aluminum-silicon-copper layers
  • Specialty Metal Etchants

For the selective removal of specific metal layers Fujifilm offers various specialty etchants, including 

  • Specialty Aluminum Etchants: Immersion etchants for aluminum metallization layers - Available with or without the Fujifilm Aluminum Etch Surfactant (AES)