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QuickSnap Flash 400


QuickSnap Flash 400


Available in single use or 2 pack

FUJIFILM QuickSnap One-Time Use Camera Recycling – It’s a Snap! 

Did you know that up to 60% of each FUJIFILM QuickSnap one-time use camera is manufactured with reused camera materials? It’s true! In fact, the plastic housings from the cameras are re-pelletized and remolded into new housings, and other key components of the camera are reused as well. This cycle can continue indefinitely!

We are proud to work closely with our retail partners to encourage recycling of our one-time use camera products.

For retailers: 

We have connected with a respected third-party vendor to make recycling our FUJIFILM QuickSnap one-time use cameras as easy as possible! To sign up for our one-time-use camera recycling or to order more recycling return boxes, simply call Commodity Resources & Environmental Inc. at 800-943-2811. 

Here’s how it works:

1 - You will receive 10 boxes (9 folded into 1) at no charge, with 10 UPS return service labels for prepaid return. The 10th label is stapled to the instructional sheet to use for the outside box.

2 - Fill each box with theprocessed one time-use cameras ready for disposal.When 1 or more boxes are completely filled with camera bodies, take the full boxes to a UPS drop-off location (this avoids the extra $4.00/box pick-up charge). If you have a UPS account and are set-up on a daily scheduled pick-up, call 800-PICK-UPS as needed to add to your regular pick-upat no charge.  

3 - Once the shipped one-time-use cameras are received, the shipment weight will be logged in. You will receive a check for $0.55 per net pound of the FUJIFILM QuickSnap one-time-use cameras you have sent in, on a quarterly basis! 

4 - Doing good deserves recognition! A certificate of recognition for your efforts is also available. Once you get going with our QuickSnap one-time-use camera recycling program, you can request the certificate via email at info@creweb.com

Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable Battery Recycling (Ni-Cd):

Rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries are recycled through the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC), a national non-profit public service organization designed to collect and recycle Ni-Cd batteries. FUJIFILM U.S.A., Inc. pays the RBRC a fee for all the batteries we put into commerce, which is indicated by a seal on the battery. To recycle the batteries call 1-800-8-BATTERY or visit the RBRC site at http://www.rbrc.org.

Here you can obtain information on the closest retailer, municipal recycler, or the address to mail the batteries.

All Other Products

For information on recycling of any other product lines, call the Environmental Hotline at 1.800.473.3854 or email EHS@fujifilm.com.