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Fujifilm’s Commitment during the Pandemic

With the collective goal of enhancing society through innovation, the Fujifilm family is committed to leveraging its resources, talent and technologies to support global efforts to counter COVID-19.

Our sincere gratitude and respect go out to all the healthcare professionals that are working to save lives and aid in the prevention of COVID-19. To help improve patient outcomes throughout the care spectrum, Fujifilm applauds clinicians that are on the front lines treating patients on a daily basis.

During this time, our number one priority remains the health and safety of our customers, workforce and the broader community. In response to the pandemic, we’ve adapted our business practices in order to safeguard our staff, as well as continue to serve our customers, many of which are powering critical operations in the fields of healthcare, technology and media.

As a comprehensive healthcare company involved in Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment, we are committed to supporting the brave clinicians caring for COVID-19 patients with our technologies.

In the field of diagnosis, our efforts include the provision of a gene-testing research tool which lessens the time required for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing*. Our point-of-care imaging equipment such as ultrasound and mobile X-ray systems are playing a vital role in the clinical care of patients with COVID-19. With a heightened awareness of respiratory symptoms amid the COVID-19 outbreak, there is an increased focus on pulmonary diagnostic exams for which Fujifilm offers a broad range of endoscopes for pulmonary indications.
Prevention & Treatment
FUJIFILM Group life science companies are providing critical raw materials necessary for the development of potential COVID-19 vaccines and therapies.

Collaborative care happens when clinicians across the enterprise can instantly access the latest patient data, clinical statements, and report histories—and communicate over shared exam states with their colleagues. Our Enterprise Imaging solutions are affording clinicians the ability to visualize and monitor patients across their entire care pathway, enabling a level of collaboration that this health crisis requires.

Through collaboration, technology and our collective expertise, we will continue to work towards improving human health and helping bring the pandemic to an end.

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