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Social Media Statement

Social Media Statement

Fujifilm recognizes the importance of using social media in marketing and communications efforts regarding its products and services. We hope that you will share your thoughts and opinions about our products and services with us and with your social network.

Social media are defined as interactive internet-based applications that allow you to create profiles, post content and communicate information. Fujifilm uses a variety of social media platforms, including social networking sites such as Facebook, image and video-sharing sites such as YouTube, photo-sharing and messaging services such as Instagram and Pinterest, professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, blogs, wikis and microblogs such as Twitter and Tumblr, and may in the future use other emerging or new social media tools or communication platforms.

Using Social Media

Users of social media should understand that information posted and shared through the internet will in most cases be accessible to the public and may be permanently visible or retrievable. While most social media networks and websites maintain their own rules for what images and information may be posted and shared, you are requested to use good judgment when using Fujifilm social media tools. If you see anything posted or shared on any Fujifilm social media that you reasonably believe to be improper, or that may be in violation of any applicable law, rule, regulation or directive, please send a private message to us at such social media platform and we will respond promptly.

Third Party Networks and Websites

Fujifilm’s social media networks and websites may contain links to third party websites or social media networks. Fujifilm is not responsible for any information contained or any views expressed on third party websites or social media networks. Also, not all postings made on Fujifilm social media may express the official statements or opinions of Fujifilm, and you are encouraged to visit Fujifilm’s website at www.fujifilmusa.com for news releases or additional information about us.

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