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Fujifilm Vietnam is at the forefront of championing women's health. We take immense pride in our initiative, "EARLY DETECTION - CONFIDENT LIVING," a breast cancer awareness campaign that embodies our dedication to the well-being of women across Vietnam. Our mission is to ensure that every woman has access to the knowledge and resources necessary for timely breast cancer diagnosis and detection.

Our campaign is designed to empower individuals with vital knowledge, nurturing a culture of preventive healthcare. Our pledge to foster a healthier future motivates us to partner with healthcare professionals ensuring our message is heard across Vietnam.

With passion and understanding guiding our efforts, we stand united in the battle against breast cancer, focused on a vision where early detection and swift action lead to better health outcomes and a more hopeful tomorrow for all.

Innovative INNOMUSE Health Care Solutions for Women's Health

INNOMUSE is Fujifilm's proprietary suite of women's healthcare solutions, encompassing advancements in four critical areas: breast health, obstetrics, gynecology, and bone health.
Featuring a comprehensive suite of leading- edge diagnostic tools including ultrasound, mammography, and MRI, we provide the essential means for early breast cancer detection. INNOMUSE is Fujifilm's dedication and commitment to advancing women's health.

Why Early Detection Matters

Early detection is pivotal in the fight against breast cancer. It leads to more effective treatment options, higher survival rates, and less invasive interventions. Fujifilm Vietnam's advanced screening technologies give women the power to take control of their health, promoting early discovery and intervention.

Embrace a life of confidence and joy by taking proactive steps towards your health. Sign up for a screening with our INNOMUSE technologies, learn more about breast cancer prevention and care, and join a community committed to making a difference.

Join FUJIFILM Vietnam as we band together to share this crucial message with our community, particularly those at risk of breast cancer. Our dedicated spirit, combined with our advanced technology, empowers women in Vietnam to prevent, detect, and address breast cancer in its initial stages.