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Skyfire® SF600

SKYFIRE® SF600 Designed for Aqueous, Solvent and UV Curable inks providing performance, productivity, and durability suitable for a broad range of demanding applications 

The FUJIFILM Dimatix SKYFIRE® printhead provides the performance, productivity, and durability suitable for a broad range of demanding applications. The FUJIFILM Dimatix SKYFIRE printhead leverages the accuracy and precision of Silicon MEMS (Si-MEMS) processing with the reliability and life of sputtered PZT in a jet design aimed at supporting broad ink compatibility and maximizing productivity. The FUJIFILM Dimatix SKYFIRE printhead boasts features that support ink compatibility, high ink laydown at high speed and compact form-factor. This compact printhead can be integrated into single-pass or scanning solutions targeted at a broad range of applications.

Product Data

Number of addressable jets / module


Print Width (mm/in) 


Native Resolution (dpi) 

600 cross process dpi / Process resolution is available in 60 dpi increments 

Native Drop Size / Largest Drop Size (pL) 

5 / 25 

Versadrop Max Productivity (ng-kHz & Fluid Dependent) 


Firing Frequency (kHz) 

4 Gray levels at >50 

Nozzle Plate Technology 

Silicon MEMs w/protective REDIJET non-wetting coating 

Compatible Fluids 

UV-curable, organic solvents, and aqueous inks 

Viscosity Range (cP) 

 4–11 (5–9 for highest productivity)

Temperature Control 

Integrated trimming heater ; Built-in Thermistor

Inkjet Operating Temperature Range 

Up to 50°C / 122°F 

OEM Accessible Non-volatile Memory 

64-byte rewritable 

Product characteristics and depictions are not drawn to scale and are general illustrations only. Technical specifications above may vary based on usage conditions and overall system environment

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