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Skyfire® SF600

SKYFIRE® SF600 Designed for Aqueous, Solvent and UV Curable inks providing performance, productivity, and durability suitable for a broad range of demanding applications 


  • 600dpi resolution with drop sizes ranging from 5–25pL meeting application needs for fine details as was high coverage areas 

  • Versadrop binary and grayscale jetting with open and editable waveform utility 

  • REDIJET coatings for optimal and efficient use of aqueous and UV inks 

  • Compact design with top & tail alignment for minimal distance between printheads in a print-bar 


  • The SKYFIRE 600 enables multi-pulse jetting delivering speeds exceeding 130m/min at 600dpi* and delivering ink lay-down up to 11 grams per square meter 

  • Enables robust and compact system design for end user up-time and productivity 


  • REDIJET® — Dual recirculation for reliable jetting & Support fast system start-up 

  • Built-in trimming heater for maintain stable and consistent print conditions 

  • Reliably use range of pigments or dye inks such as aqueous and UV curable