Color & Proofing

Building on Fujifilm's reputation of color expertise and proofing excellence


  • Cloud-based color management solution
  • Synchronizes color across multiple output devices, printing conditions and locations
  • In-workflow and integrated color management for Digital and Proofing solutions
  • Centralized interface for all G7 and ISO alignments
  • Easy to use interface ensures consistent color across multiple output devices and media

ColorPath Sync Align

Is a “Cloud Based” color management solution that creates G7 Curves and ISO Curves for the pressroom using iterative and unique color adjustments to achieve the highest color standards.

ColorPath Sync DLP

Is a “Cloud Based” color management solution that allows you to continually and efficiently optimize color. It is designed to optimize color for digital presses and inkjet proofing solutions.

ColorPath Sync Ink Optimization (IO)

Is a “Cloud Based” color management solution capable of creating high quality Ink Optimized Device Link Profiles.



  • Web-based for access anywhere and security of data
  • Optimized color correction produces more accurate color
  • Simple step - by - step interface
  • Always updated with the most current version of software

ColorPath Sync Align Features

  • Creates G7 and ISO curves
  • Export directly to workflow formats
  • Retargeting function reduces time and materials needed to align multiple stocks

ColorPath Sync DLP Features

  • Creates and optimzes device link profiles for proofing and digital printing systems
  • Intelligent presets for a variety of devices and printing conditions remove guesswork
  • Integrated validation to color targets ensures consistent settings and output

ColorPath Sync IO Features

Ink Optimization for the press room

Improves print consistency across the sheet and throughout the run

Improves gray balance — a perfect fit for G7-aligned presses

Reduces ink offsetting and dry times

Improves stability at higher printing speeds

Decreases make-ready times


Workflow Formats Supported for ColorPath Sync Align Curve Export

Fujifilm’s XMF
Prinergy Harmony


1 Mbps or faster Internet connectivity
Port 80 open

Browser Support

Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher
Windows 7 or higher
Current version of Firefox

Spectrophotometers Supported

X-Rite i1 Pro 2 (standalone, and with iO table)
X-Rite iSis
X-Rite i1 Pro Rev. D (standalone, and with iO table)

Output Devices and Workflow Systems Supported for ColorPath SYNC DLP

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At a Glance

  • Web based color quality dashboard
  • Job color analysis
  • Color monitoring and support
  • Track trends and key performance indicators



  • Web-based for access anywhere and security of data
  • Color analysis website
  • Color reporting tools
  • E-mail notification of color errors
  • Fujifilm remote color support
  • Verification of measurement data to desired target data
  • Creation of verification label
  • Measure temperature and humidity
  • Integrates with ORIS Certified Web for standalone plating or proofing measurements, or automated proofing with ORIS Color Tuner Web and Epson proofing engines with inline spectrophotometers


Supported Client Software

Below is a list of supported measurement client software, which connect to CPV.

EFI Colorproof XF 4.1 Auto Measurement
ORIS Certified Web from CGS
Fujifilm Environmental Measurement Client

Measurement Devices Supported

X-Rite i1
X-Rite i1/iO
X-Rite iSis
X-Rite icPlate 2 (Windows only)
Techkon RS800 (Windows only)
Techkon SpectroJet (Windows only)
Techkon SpectroDrive (Windows only)
Techkon SpectroDens (Windows only)
Manual plate entry
Epson SpectroProofer

World's first web-based Proofing System

ORIS Color Tuner / Web is the professional contract proofing system of choice for ink jet printers. This complete application combines color management, high-speed output and proofing-specific media. Winner of the GATF InterTech Award, ORIS Color Tuner was the first system of its kind to be certified by SWOP, Fogra, Sicograf, PPA and 3DAP. It includes setup wizards, automatic color matching and automatic printer calibration all within a web-based environment that provides color-matched job control and output anywhere in the world. This way, anyone -not just color gurus! — can easily calibrate a proofer. Superior spot color handling, Hexachrome — support, multi-channel Generic Output Profiles and color-accurate halftone proofing all add up to make ORIS Color Tuner / Web the most used color proofing software on the market.

The ORIS Digital Proofing System

In the changing graphic arts landscape, soft proofing technology is successfully gaining industry acceptance. Yet despite the potential for substantial ROI, there are many instances where a hardcopy proof is more desirable. Thus the decision for a proofing solution is a difficult one. CGS removes that risk by offering the industry's only integrated hard-copy and soft proofing system, ORIS Hybrid Proofing. By combining the two market leading products, ORIS Color Tuner / Web and ORIS Soft Proof / Web, CGS provides the ultimate flexibility in color proofing technology - from one package, with risk-free and reliable results.