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The beauty of analog keeps living Digitally.

  • This is a digitized photo of an analog work taken with Fujifilm Neopan film

As the term “2025 Digital cliff” has become used widely, promoting Digital Transformation (DX) is an urgent need for all companies throughout the world.

However, the focus seems to be given only to the term “DX”, which may mislead companies out of its original goal.

For some companies, introducing a digital tool has become the goal and as a result, are facing issues such as low productivity.

In the true meaning of DX, it seems as there are few companies that have succeeded.

Developing film in analog photography is time-consuming procedure, but the result has a wide latitude and excellent sharpness, together with high sensitivity and beautiful brilliance.

We believe the business process and workflow that customers have practiced over time are filled with the brilliance of know-how and inspiration cultivated through many years of experience.
We hope to turn such brilliance into a sustainable and resilient work through digitalization.

This is the DX we aim for.

In the true DX that we envision, "digitization" is not simply replacing the current business process with digital technology for efficiency. Instead, the business process itself is largely reconstructed utilizing digital technology, and services and businesses are fundamentally restructured. We believe that the "transformation" is important.

As the company name implies, FUJIFILM Business Innovation has been aiming to solve customers' problems and assisting growth based on the philosophy to "be a company that brings innovation to business".

When promoting DX, paper is oftentimes seen negatively. However, people and systems have been connected and business working through the mediation of paper.

I believe FUJIFILM Business Innovation, which has long experience working with paper, makes it possible to incorporate digital transformation from a business process perspective.

In addition, we are making a new start as "FUJIFILM Digital Solutions" by incorporating extensive experience and digital technology essential for transformation.

FUJIFILM Digital Solutions will make optimized use of the business transformation know-how and technology to accelerate DX for our customers. In a rapidly changing business environment, we aim to be a DX partner who continues to take on challenges together with our customers, and not be afraid of change.

FUJIFILM Digital Solutions Co., Ltd.
President and CEO Amane Inoue